Celery Juice Benefits

The Many Benefits Of Celery Juice

by: William B., staff writer

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Say the word “diet” and images of celery and rice cakes often come to mind. Although rice cakes are essentially empty calories, the same cannot be said of celery or juices made with it. Rich in vitamins and minerals while still being unbelievably low in calories, adding celery juice to your juicing recipes can help to up the nutritional value and hydration benefits of the drink without adding anything to your waist line.

Based on its low calorie count, celery juice is considered incredibly high in vitamin K (nearly 40% of the daily recommended value), as well as vitamin A, folate, potassium, and vitamin C. This combination of nutrients can help to maintain the health of your skin and other organs, including your eyes, and help to prevent heart-related health issues later in life.

In addition to the standard minerals and vitamins found in most items in the produce aisle, celery juice benefits also come from its high concentration of unique oils and other compounds. The plant hormones found in celery help to regulate the nervous system, and this tiny, nearly calorie-free vegetable also contains a minimum of 8 cancer-fighting compounds that help to inhibit tumor growth and even prevent healthy cells from becoming cancerous. These include acetylenics, phonolic acid, and coumarins, to name a few.

Celery juice also benefits the digestive tract by acting as a diuretic; this helps to keep your system running efficiently, flushing out any toxins or harmful bacteria. Celery juice can also act as an anti-inflammatory, which can be beneficial for those suffering from asthma, arthritis, or other inflammatory diseases. Studies have found that celery juice also benefits the heart by lowing bad cholesterol and blood pressure; in fact, several studies have found that drinking celery juice every day for a week will provide a noticeable drop in blood pressure levels.

Besides the many benefits of celery juice, celery is also one of the more popular vegetables for many juicing recipes for a number of reasons.  Celery has high water content, making it easy to juice and it’s lighter flavor compliments most juicing recipes. Celery is a popular vegetable for many detox or cleansing recipes as well.  Because of the low calorie count, celery can help reduce the sweetness and overall calorie count to many juice recipes especially ones that have a lot of fruit juice.

Light, hydrating, and incredibly diet friendly, regularly drinking celery juice can provide you with untold health benefits.


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