Does Lime Juice Lighten Hair

Can Lime Juice Lighten Your Hair?

by: William B., staff writer

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Finding out whether or not lime juice can lighten hair in the same way lemon juice does can be an effort in futility. Type the question into a search engine and all you get is information about whether or not lemon juice lightens hair (as you know, it does). However, limejuice can lighten hair as well.

Although a lemon’s sunny color would make people believe that the lightening comes from the lemon itself, it actually occurs when the acids in a lemon are activated by heat or sunlight. And limes have that same acid, and react to heat in the same way. The process is pretty simple: when UV rays and / or heat and the acids found in citrus fruits mix, it causes the fruit juice to bleach the protein in your hair.

So how do you lighten hair with lime juice?  Apply diluted lime juice (two tablespoons of juice to six tablespoons of water) to dry hair, preferably with a spray bottle. Blow-dry your hair for several minutes or head outside for a few hours (wearing sunscreen) before rinsing the lime juice out. After a few days of doing this, you should have visibly lighter hair.

There is a downside to using lime juice (or lemons) to lighten your hair. As the acids bleach the protein in your locks, it can make hair brittle. Between sessions, use a high protein hair mask on your locks to prevent any damage.

For light brown and blond hair, using lime juice can give hair a dirty brown or slightly greenish cast. So, while lime juice can effectively lighten hair, there is a reason lemons are most popular: no off colors, although you will still need a hair mask to keep your strands in tip-top shape.

When determining whether to use limejuice or to lighten your hair with lemon juice it’s ultimately up to you.  Try both and see if you notice a difference.