Onion Juice Benefits

Onion Juice Benefits

by: Sharon Carter, staff writer

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When you hear the word “onions”, the idea that adding them into juicer recipes is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the various onion juice benefits are hard to ignore when it comes to incorporating juicing into your healthy diet or weight loss plan.

The flavonoids and tannins that naturally occur in onions help the vitamin C from other sources work to its highest potential, improving your immune system and reducing inflammation. As these flavonoids provide their own antioxidant benefits, including reducing the oxidative stress the occurs in various organs due to free radicals, adding onion juice benefits several different parts of your body as well as your overall health.

One specific flavonoid, known as quercetin, is believed by some scientists to inhibit the growth of tumors. For this reason, studies have found that consuming several servings of onions a week can actually lower your risk of developing certain types of cancer. With a half-cup of raw onions counting as a serving, these studies have found that as little as one serving a week can reduce your risks of developing colon, laryngeal, or ovarian cancer. Your risks of oral and esophageal cancer can be decreased by consuming one serving of onions a day.

The chromium that naturally occurs in onion juice, especially juice derived from the outermost layers of this root vegetable, can help the cells in your body respond more adequately to insulin, evening out blood sugar levels and, potentially, preventing or aiding in treating type 2 diabetes. Due to these various benefits of onion juice, adding it to juicing recipes can be a good way to improve your health now and in the future.

Oftentimes, simply adding a serving of onions to recipes that incorporate a few different types of fruits or vegetable juicing recipes can provide you with these onion juice benefits while not subjecting you to its somewhat strong taste. If you get creative with your juicing recipes you can find many ways to incorporate onions. One of the more popular ways to enjoy the amazing health benefits of onion juice is to make a juice with tomato as the base and add veggies similar to what you might find in a V8 brand such as celery, garlic, and something to spice up the juice a bit since you are expecting the hotness of the onion juice.