Black Carrot Juice

Black Carrot Juice - Delicious Recipes and Benefits

by: Sharon Carter, staff writer

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When you think of carrots, bright orange, cheerful roots probably come to mind; however, black carrots have actually been around much longer, and although not as commonplace as its orange counterpart are now, they’re still grown in Egypt, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Afghanistan.

Black carrots aren’t really “black,” but more of an inky purple, and rich in various antioxidants that may help to prevent cancer, lower bad cholesterol, and also possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties. When juiced, all of the vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and other chemicals found in black carrots are concentrated, and can provide numerous benefits when consumed.

Compared to modern-day carrots, black carrots contain over twelve times more antioxidants per serving, as well as 40% more beta carotene. They’re rich in vitamin A, selenium, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Together these nutrients help to maintain a healthy immune system, efficient digestion, and healthy eyes. And like modern carrots, the black varieties are incredibly low in calories, averaging around 30 calories for a large raw carrot (7 inches long or so). This low calorie count is why carrots are often found in many juicing for weight loss' juicing recipes.

Across their native region, black carrots are regularly used in juices. Kanji is a drink made by steeping chopped black carrots, rai powder (the ground mustard seeds commonly used in Indian cooking), salt, and ground ginger in water in the sun for two days before straining it. When juiced through a juicer, you can add a wide variety of other ingredients or keep it as simple as adding just a spritz of lemon to lighten the flavor before consuming.

Here is a Black Carrot Juicing Recipe To Get You Started:

Black Carrot Lemon Spritz

5 Medium Black Carrots
½ lemon

Directions: Wash and chop the leafy greens portions of the carrot off. Process through the juicer as you normally would. Either peel and put just ½ the lemon slices into your juicer, or simple cut the lemon in ½ and squeeze into the finished juice and simply stir. Fish out any seeds you probably don’t want to swallow down!

The tartness of the lemon compliments that sweetness of the carrots for an interesting twist on the common carrot juice.

Tip: The lemon juice can actually help preserve the juice longer if you want to juice a larger batch for saving in the refrigerator later.

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